23 months
95% of the time
Since I’m under the age of 4, taking me to training and continuing my ASL training are requirements.
Good with Children?:
Over the age of 12 please. I’m very tall and could easily knock over a smaller child when I’m happy or playing.
Good with Dogs?:
Yes - I require a companion dog for assurance, hearing, boosting my confidence in learning
Good with Cats?:
The shelter said I was. There are no cats in my foster home.
Hi I’m Amari I’m a handsome 20 month old, deaf, boxer boy with some slight visual loss.  I do not see well in dim or no light. I came to Green Acres Boxer Rescue after being in a few shelters and having a few surgeries to remove a 3 inch stick from my nose. You would never know this when you met me unless my foster family told you. I’m a happy easy going boy. I love to play with my foster brothers & sister. My one foster brother is a really old 15 year old, so I pretty much leave him alone. I LOVE to be Loved!! I’m very smart and have learned: Amari, sit, no, down, water, potty, Good Boy, stop it, off (for jumping), and no barking. I sit for treats, commands, and meals.  I have absolutely no food aggression. I eat with my brothers & sister very nicely. I am a bullet though, to anyone else's food that’s not being eaten.  I am a growing boy after all. I walk (for the most part) nicely on a leash.  Sometimes I jump up, so I will need someone to continue working with me on this. I require a home with someone home more than not. I take 10mg of Fluoxetine twice a day for my anxiety.  Until, we all learn when to go out to potty, I crate lovely with a small treat.  After 4 hours though, I become a Houdini Escape Artist.  My yard needs a six ft fence and a home with a companion dog to help me hear. 

If you are interested in adopting me...

  1. You must be a resident of Wisconsin (or the U.P. of Michigan). We rely on personal visits as the best opportunity for an applicant to learn about a dog. Please note that the dogs are located in foster homes throughout the state.
  2. You must have an application on file first. Please apply. Need more info about adopting first? Check out our adoption information for the whole scoop.
  3. Please use the form below to indicate your interest in me. Approved applicants and former adopters are welcome to inquire.
  4. If you need more information, it is helpful if you submit specific questions.
Please note that you must have an approved application on file prior to inquiring about a dog.