1 year old
Obedience training is must for me since I'm under the age of 4.
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Hello, My Name is Axl and I’m a one-year-old black boxer with tons of energy! I’m currently staying with this amazing family in Milwaukee. They have Two Boxers and an 18month old son named Preston. Preston is my best friend. We like to snuggle up on the couch and he reads his books to me. I can’t understand him but maybe that’s because he is reading the book upside down. I have so much fun living with my foster family. My foster mom manages a doggy daycare and I get to go to work with her. I get to play all day with so many dogs… I go home at night exhausted and ready for bed. I find I’m most comfortable sleeping on the bed between my foster parents. I get teased a lot because of my underbite and my tongue is too big for my mouth and majority of the time my tongue sticks out all day. My foster mom said it gives me personality! And GUESS WHAT, my foster family loves me so much they are going to adopt me! Me and Preston get to be BFF’s Forever 😊


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