16 months
Since I’m under the age of 4, taking me to training is a requirement.
Good with Children?:
Yes, over the age of 15, please
Good with Dogs?:
Yes, but I'm looking for a home without any other dogs
Good with Cats?:
K’LO has spent 3 months in training with his foster family so it could be determined what would be the best fit for his forever home. He is learning to channel his anxiety and reactive behavior in a positive way and master a calm mindset. K’LO has made incredible progress! He is ready to find his best fit forever home. 
*Before your heartstrings get tugged too tight by this gorgeous boy, please read entire bio before submitting an application. K’LO will require a longer adoption process (may require more than 1 visit), and a dog savvy adopter. Be accepting of a dog on medication, and meet all of his requirements* 
K’LO may need a little more than the average dog, but his foster family promises he is worth it! Although his need for structure and training is vital, he is silly, sweet, and has a loving demeanor. He hasn’t had much exposure to life, so he can be fearful with new people and surroundings. He is careful were he places his trust, but with time and patience he will be your new best friend. He has discovered the joy of toys and enjoys a good game of tug of war. When it’s time to snuggle at night, he’s all about snuggling with his humans. He is crate trained and learning to be calm when he is left alone in his create, and has made a lot of progress. He does have a limit though, so he would do best with an adopter who is not gone long hours. He walks well on leash. Because K’LO can be reactive in certain situations he would not be a dog park dog. He would enjoy life as your one and only canine, and prefer to live with kids over 15 years old. K’LO would benefit from a quiet home. A fenced yard is also a requirement. His adopters will need to provide him with guidance, structure, and strong leadership. Using the ‘tools’ his foster home provides are vital to building a trustworthy relationship with K’LO. Continued structure and reassurance are vital in setting him up for success.
If you meet K’LO’s requirements and think your home is the right fit, please fill out an adoption application. 


If you are interested in adopting me...

  1. You must be a resident of Wisconsin (or the U.P. of Michigan). We rely on personal visits as the best opportunity for an applicant to learn about a dog. Please note that the dogs are located in foster homes throughout the state.
  2. You must have an application on file first. Please apply. Need more info about adopting first? Check out our adoption information for the whole scoop.
  3. Please use the form below to indicate your interest in me. Approved applicants and former adopters are welcome to inquire.
  4. If you need more information, it is helpful if you submit specific questions.
Please note that you must have an approved application on file prior to inquiring about a dog. (DS-266916)