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Buying a Puppy

So, you want a puppy?  Don't worry, we're not going to try to talk you out of it.  We generally don't get puppies in rescue, so our objective is to try to help you find a quality pup from a reputable breeder. 


We've done some research and we have a short list of Wisconsin breeders to whom we refer potential puppy buyers (sorry, we do not have lists for other states - Wisconsin only!) Please contact us if you'd like a breeder referral.  Breeder referrals will be given by email only - no phone calls, please.

Remember, a reputable breeder cares about the betterment of the breed.  If you talk to a breeder who seems concerned only about whether your check will clear, be careful.

And whatever you do, please do not purchase a puppy from a pet store!  Regardless of what that pet store manager may try to tell you, the dogs come from puppymills, pure and simple.  You are not saving the dog - you are making room for another one and lining the puppymillers' pockets with cash.  Please, don't be a part of that.

Do lots of research before purchasing a puppy.  

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