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Boxers trickle into rescue for many reasons. Some are found as strays or are left at shelters. Some come to us directly as owner-surrenders for various reasons: death, injury, or illness of the dog's owner, divorce, allergies, moving, and behavioral issues. We realize that surrendering one's dog can be a painful decision. If we can help you find a way to keep your Boxer (by offering guidance on behavioral issues, training problems, etc.), we are more than happy to help. Here is one resource that offers advice on finding ways to keep your dog: Can We Help

If you are thinking of surrendering your Boxer to Green Acres Boxer Rescue of WI, please fill out our Pre-Surrender Form. The form must be filled out thoroughly.  Once we receive the form, we will be in touch with you. Please note, this is a PRE-surrender form. If you surrender your dog, we will need your signature on a separate surrender form (which we will supply to you) in order to transfer legal ownership of your dog to GABR.

What happens when I surrender my dog to rescue?

We do appreciate receiving a monetary donation from the dog's owner. Upon receipt into rescue, the dog will be spayed/neutered and brought up to date on vaccinations as needed. The dog will be heartworm tested and started on heartworm treatment. Sometimes the dogs are in rescue for weeks or even months before being placed. During that time, they live in foster homes where they are fed high-quality food. We do our best to provide socialization and obedience training for the dogs in our care. All of these expenditures far exceed our adoption fee. Therefore, donations from the former owner are much appreciated.

We do give priority to Boxers that are being held in shelters, since they are in danger of euthanasia. We decide which dogs we can take on a case by case basis.

You will be asked to sign a surrender agreement. In signing the surrender agreement, you must have the understanding that you have relinquished all rights to the dog and may not re-claim the dog once he/she has been placed in a new home. However, you are welcome to contact us and we will be glad to let you know about your dog's new home. It is helpful if you can bring the dog to us. We have to do a lot of traveling when we place a dog, so we must place the burden of traveling on the surrendering party.  Please understand that if you surrender a dog to our organization, you will not be eligible to adopt a dog from us, so please do not put us on the spot by asking.

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