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Adoption Checklist

Preparing for your new arrival is an exciting time!  Before you bring your new Boxer home, take a look around your home and make sure that there are no obvious hazards - poisonous plants, food stored at doggie eye-level, etc. The younger the dog, the more mischief!  Many Boxers are champion counter-surfers.  You'll want to be careful about food sitting out.

At the time of the adoption, you'll receive a form completed by the dog's foster parent(s) that lets you know what your new family member eats, how much, and when.  The "About Your New Dog" form also contains information about what toys the dog enjoys, where he/she sleeps, etc.

A Few Items to Have On Hand for Your New Arrival:
  • Collar and leash (the rescue supplies these initially, but you might want to have extras on hand)

  • ID tag - a lot of people forget about this!

  • A crate - Either a metal frame crate or a plastic Varikennel

  • Dog seat belt - If you train your dog to ride nicely in the car with one of these it will make your life easier.

  • A dog mat or pillow for inside their crate.

  • A comfortable dog bed for your dog to rest on when tired.

  • Food and water dishes (metal dishes recommended)

  • Premium dog food. We recommend food like Solid Gold, Wellness, Canidae, and Innova.

  • Dog food containers - Helps keep food fresh and airtight.

  • Premium dog treats

  • Dog toys. We highly recommend Kong toys. You can stuff a Kong full of all sorts of goodies and it will keep your Boxer busy in his crate while you are not home.

  • Chewies and bones - Dogs naturally have an urge to chew.

  • Nail clippers or a Dremel tool - If you can hear your dog's nails on the floor when they are walking, they probably need to be trimmed.

  • Dog shampoo. Dogs shouldn't need terribly frequent bathing, but it'll happen sometime!

  • Names and telephone numbers of obedience trainers in your area. We think that taking your new family member to some obedience classes is a great idea. It will help you establish communication and help the dog to understand what you want from him.

From Your Visit to the Vet:
  • Rabies vaccination and tag - You will need these to license your dog in your community

  • Heartworm preventative, like Heartgard, Interceptor, or Sentinel.

  • Flea and tick control, like Advantage or Frontline brands.


Portions of this list courtesy of Second Chance Boxer Rescue

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