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Adoption FAQs

Please be sure to read this page before applying.


What are the Requirements for Adoption?
  • You must be at least 21 and living on your own.

  • ALL dogs must be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm testing completed, be on heartworm preventative, and have annual exams (please do not apply if your companion animals are not spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated).  If you have an appointment to have your animal spayed/neutered/vaccinated, please wait until after that to apply.

  • INDOOR Cats must be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and seen annually. (We do not require anything for outdoor cats, but we highly recommended that they be sterilized and vaccinated for rabies)

  • If you have children under the age of six, you may be required to make two trips to meet the dog. It is important that we are able to observe extended interactions between your child(ren) and the dog. Stray dogs will not be placed in homes with small children.

  • All other dogs in your home must be indoor pets.

  • If you rent your home, you will be asked to provide a letter from your landlord or a copy of your lease indicating that you are permitted to have a large dog on the property.


I Want to Adopt!  What's the First Step?

Those interested in adopting a Boxer from Green Acres Boxer Rescue must first submit an application. Submit an application onlineView dogs available for adoption on our adoption page. You must be a Wisconsin (or U.P. of Michigan) resident in order to adopt. Be sure your application is completed thoroughly.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Please wait for a response from the Application Committee before inquiring about any of the dogs.

I'm Getting Ready to Move - Should I Apply Now or Wait?

You may want to wait until you move before filling out an application.  As far as processing your application goes, there is not much we can do ahead of time to speed up the process.  The process really begins when you set up an appointment to meet a dog.  We can't "hold" dogs in rescue so you would want to wait until after you move to set up a meeting.  Applications are held on file for 90 days and then they expire.

I Live Out of State - Can't You Make an Exception?

Alas, no.  Please don't put us on the spot by asking. Our volunteers are already driving thousands of miles a year (and these expenses come out of their own pockets) to cover the rather large state of Wisconsin (and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan).  We just don't have the resources to be able to do home checks and follow-up visits for folks who live in other states. If you live in another state and need help finding a rescue in your area, we'd be glad to help you with that. feel free to contact us for assistance in finding a rescue in your state. We believe it's best to place dogs in our own geographic area.  If we were to place a dog out of state, we would be displacing another dog who needs a home, and increasing the burden of another rescue. We also do not ship dogs under any circumstances.  Thank you for understanding!

My Dog is Not Spayed/Neutered . . . But I Will Have it Done

We know that you may intend to have your animals spayed/neutered, but unfortunately we do not have the resources to make multiple calls to your veterinary clinic to ensure that you have had it done.  Therefore, we ask that you wait until your furry friends no longer have reproductive capabilities before applying. We understand that sometimes there are reasons why an animal cannot be spayed/neutered.  If you have a puppy or kitten, we ask that you wait until the animal is old enough (per your veterinarian) for the procedure and then apply after it is done.

I Have a Female Boxer and I Want to Adopt Another Female Boxer

As a general rule, we will not place two female Boxers in the same home together. We feel we can increase the chances for a successful adoption by not placing female Boxers together. Inter-bitch aggression in the breed is quite common.  Unfortunately, this is one of those behavioral quirks that people will not believe unless they see it for themselves.  Trust us.

What Happens After I Submit My Application?
  • Once you submit your application, you will receive an email response from the Application Committee.  They may have some follow-up questions for you.  Then a volunteer calls your veterinary clinic to confirm your records. The Committee will let you know when your application has been formally accepted and added to our database.

  • Your application will remain on file for 90 days.  You will be advised when your application has expired. If you have not found a match within 90 days and would like to extend your application for an additional 30 days, please email the Application Committee.

  • Applicants are invited to keep an eye on our our "Available for Adoption" page on the website and let us know if a dog comes along that is of interest to you.  Sometimes we may make a recommendation depending on your specific circumstances. Please set up visits with only ONE dog at a time.

  • If you see "Adoption Pending" on a dog's profile, the dog is in the process of being adopted. You may still inquire if you'd like, but please understand that the dog is probably not available any longer.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The adoption process really starts when you find a dog you like and set up a visit. You can set up a visit once your application is accepted and your veterinary reference is completed.  After you visit a dog and indicate that you want to continue the process, we are usually able to complete the adoption within a week or so.

What Happens When I Visit a Dog?

When you find a dog you like, contact the foster volunteer by using the contact link on the dog's profile and request a visit with the dog.  You will need to bring all family members to this visit - dogs and kids alike.  You will be invited to the dog's foster home to spend some time with the dog and get a feel for whether he/she is right for you and your family (and vice versa).  After the visit we ask that you take a day or two to think about it before advising us of your decision.  Keep in mind that the dog's foster mom/dad must also agree that it is a great match.

Where are the Dogs Located?

The dogs are located in foster homes all over the state and we ask that you drive to meet the dog that interests you, regardless of where that dog is located.  Please do not ask the foster mom/dad to meet you in a parking lot halfway in between - we want you to meet the dog in the place where the dog feels most comfortable.  That gives you an idea of how the dog will behave in YOUR home after the adoption.  Also, we do not base adoptions on proximity . . . the best match for you may not be the dog that is geographically closest to you.

Finalizing the Adoption
  • Once you have indicated that you would like to move forward with an adoption, we check personal references and complete the processing of your application.

  • We conduct a home check to ensure that you have a safe, loving environment for your new friend.

  • You will receive an adoption packet with the dog's veterinary records and some other helpful documents.  You will sign a legally-binding adoption agreement when the adoption is finalized.

How Much is the Adoption Fee?

The adoption fee is $350.00 ($300.00 for a second adoption and $250.00 for a third and subsequent adoptions). Our dogs are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, fecal tested, microchipped, and are protected from heartworm, fleas, and ticks. Prior to adoption, dogs live in loving foster homes, where we emphasize socialization and training. The adoption fee helps us to recoup some of the costs involved with rescue, but does not begin to cover the actual costs involved (we spend an average of over $300 per dog). Of course, a true Boxer lover knows these dogs are priceless!

What Happens After the Adoption?
  • Hey, congrats - you've got a new dog! If for any reason the situation is not ideal for both you AND the dog and you're confident you've tried everything to make the adoption successful, we will always take back a dog placed through our organization. We do not take the placement of a dog lightly. Many of these dogs have been bounced around quite a bit before coming into rescue, and we do our best to ensure that their "forever" homes are just that - forever. We know that Boxers are not the right breed for everyone, and we want to make sure that it is a perfect match every time. Please note that refunds are given at our discretion.

  • Upon adoption we have you sign a legally binding adoption agreement. As time goes on and for some reason you wish to give up your Boxer he/she must be returned to Green Acres Boxer Rescue as stated in the adoption agreement.

  • If you adopted a dog age three or under you will need to mail in your training certificate within 90 days.

  • Finally, we ask that you keep in touch from time to time and let us know how your new family member is doing.  We love to receive pictures and updates!

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