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Age: 6 years old

Housebroken?:  I'm getting there!  If I'm left in my kennel for longer than 4-5 hours, I'll poop in it and eat it

Training?:  No formal training required

Good with Children?: Yes

Good with Dogs?: Yes, I'll need a home with a canine friend in it. 

Good with Cats?: Yes

Hello! My name is Bliss. I usually answer to “Pumpkin,” “hey you,” and “come here.” I am 6 years old and lived in a different state. I love living in the house and on the sofa. I stay in the kennel when my foster family is away and I like my kennel. I am working on my potty training. I have been doing very well.

I love toys, balls, and playing with my foster house dogs. I love to wake up early and carry shoes around until everyone is up. I don’t chew the shoes, I am just trying to be helpful!

I eat my food twice a day and will let you know if it is time to eat. I have learned new words and commands. I now know how to sit, stay and come. My paw shake is in progress.

I am very well-behaved if monitored. I do like to chew up anything plastic if someone is not paying attention to me. I am getting much better with this.

I am very snuggly and love hugs. I love kids, cats, and other dog friends.

NOTE: Fenced yard needed. 


If you are interested in adopting me...

  1. You must be a resident of Wisconsin (or the U.P. of Michigan). We rely on personal visits as the best opportunity for an applicant to learn about a dog. Please note that the dogs are located in foster homes throughout the state.

  2. You must have an application on file first. Please apply. Need more info about adopting first? Check out our adoption information for the whole scoop.

  3. Please use the form below to indicate your interest in me. Approved applicants and former adopters are welcome to inquire.

  4. If you need more information, it is helpful if you submit specific questions.


Please note that you must have an approved application on file prior to inquiring about a dog. (DS-266916)

Do you have an approved application on file?
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