6 years old
Training classes not required, but I do need leash training
Good with Children?:
Yes, but I can be pushy. Older kids might be best.
Good with Dogs?:
Good with Cats?:
Not known

Hi! I'm Tank, AKA Ticky-Tack Tank. As you might guess, I'm a largish fellow. I don't know how they knew I'd be built like a tank when they named me as a pup, but here we are. I was surrendered when my former owner had a change in life situation. I'm having a good time in my foster home. They have two Boxers, and we all get along fine. They also have something called a teenager. She's in her room most of the time but I catch glimpses of her when she comes out to get some food.

In my former home, there was a lot of land to run, so I was seldom leashed. My foster mom says I'm pretty terrible on leash, so that's something to be aware of. Basically, I like to set my own agenda (fight the power, yo!) and not be pulled in a particular direction. So, I need some help on that. I am also not crate trained, but the good news is that you can leave me loose in the house and I am not destructive. Despite my tough-guy exterior, I'm somewhat afraid of thunderstorms.

My foster mom says I'm at the perfect age. I'm less rambunctious than a puppy, though I do love to play! I love balls and toys and just horsing around in general. You can count on me not to tear stuff up or chew table legs. I sleep through the night. When I'm done playing, I'm pretty happy to do the Netflix-and-chill thing with you.

If you're looking for a big galoot with a blocky head and soulful eyes, I might just be the guy for you!


If you are interested in adopting me...

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